Write That Caption Workshop

Write That Caption Workshop

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Are you frustrated with writing captions and still not receiving any engagement or profit? Is it taking you a long time to build an authentic following? Then, you need this workshop! I can help! 

This workshop is for teachers who want to brand and market their skills on IG. The ones that are interested in sharing and monetizing on their passion. Well, hmmm (not only teachers) anyone can come along!

You write a caption and think it is good but then no one notices it or engages. It hurts! You stop then try again next week. How can you do this consistently? How can you keep putting out trash content? I was there and sometimes still there 🤣 BUT the tips/techniques I learned along the way have helped me increase my visibility and navigate through the stressors of Social Media. If you don't believe me just watch! Join the workshop, I'm rooting for YOU! 

I tested my strategies and guess what "IT WORKED" I consistently helped three close friends grow their Instagram pages beyond their wildest dreams! Insert that 🤑 cha-ching lol

I realized it is difficult to get engagement, likes, click, and comments BUT the caption may be the reason it is not happening...not the audience. Post captions with a sense of originality, personality, and persuasion. If I can do it....so can you...with my help! 

What is included in the workshop: 

-Course e-book (20 pages)

-30 CTA's template

- Up to 2 hours live session via zoom 

Q & A session 


- How to create/re-vamp an eye-catching bio! 

- By the end of class, you’ll have one caption to post on social media!

Workshop date ⬇️

June 30, 2022 at 6pm (Est.)



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