Writing Affirmations Mirror Cards
Writing Affirmations Mirror Cards

Writing Affirmations Mirror Cards

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Are you looking for ways to empower your student's English Language Arts confidence? You and your students will love this Writing Affirmation Mirror Station! There are 15 different pages of writing affirmations cards with four different affirmations on them.

Mirror Affirmations spread positivity and build student's writing self-esteem. Encouraging self-esteem gives your students a daily dose of happiness and positive vibes. Teachers can benefit from these affirmations as well!

Print, cut, laminate, and post them along the border of a full-length mirror OR use in your writing work station. There are more than enough affirmations cards available. Print the ones that you will find useful in your classroom. The mirror takes about 20 cards to complete!

What's included:

-15 pages of affirmations
-4 kid-friendly graphic affirmations per page
-1 header “Writing Affirmations Station”

Affirmation Station Directions:

1. Print the affirmations and header on the paper of your choice, laminate (for durability) then cut out them out.

2. Tape the header and the affirmations of your choice around your mirror (you can change them weekly or monthly) This will be great for affirming students' academic greatness.