About Me

De'AvionBlu Innovations is owned and operated by Tiffaney. Tiffaney is a Special Education teacher and single mother who finally decided to go for her dreams of designing t-shirts for my fellow amazing Educators who are just as excited and passionate about this profession as I am. My designs are all about “YOU”! All designs are geared to making sure Educators feel uplifted and empowered. Tiffaney encourages teachers to wear yellow on Monday during the school year to promote joy and positivity! Use the hashtag #teacherswearyellowonmonday 

Teachers are sure to find motivation and inspiration from one of my original teacher tshirts designs. The designs for this company is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced for any reason without written consent from De'AvionBlu Innovations. All rights reserved. (c) 2018 De'AvionBlu Innovations. 

XOXO, Tiffaney