Classroom Scratch Off
Classroom Scratch Off

Classroom Scratch Off

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Create an element of surprise for your students when they see what reward they earned. I created these scratch off reward cards to use with my 5th grade students as a reward for doing well on quizzes and assessments. They can be used with all grade levels!

Your students will go crazy for these scratch-off coupons! All you need to do is print, laminate, cut and add the stickers. You choose which rewards are appropriate for your classroom!

Pencil Punch Card is included (Print on Cardstock) - Link to Stickers

34 Different Rewards Included ⬇️

Favorite Candy, Favorite Drink, Subway Sandwich, Recess Pass, 10 Minutes Extra Recess, Drop The Lowest Quiz Grade, 5 Extra Points on Quiz, 10 Extra Points On Lowest Quiz Grade, 10 Minutes Online Time, Shoes Off, Lunch W/ Favorite Staff, Wear A Crown For The Day, One Night Homework Pass, Lunch W/ Teacher, Laptop Sticker, Create A Tik Tok W/ Your Teacher, Mini Rubix Cube, Create A Class Kahoot, Sit Next To A Friend For A Day, Teach A Mini Lesson, Wear A Funny Hat, Wear A Hoodie For The Day, Student Freebie, Create Your Own Class Chant/Jingle, Chew Gum In Class, 10 Extra Points On Unit Assessment, Read A Book To The Class, Colorful Pop-It, Favorite Bag Of Chips, $5 Gift Card To Favorite Store, Bring Your Favorite Stuff Animal, Line Leader For A Day


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