Happy Mail - Positive Notes For Students

Happy Mail - Positive Notes For Students

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The main office doesn't have to be a place for kids in trouble! Let's think about using "Happy Mail" to send students to the office when they show responsibility, class participation, and have a positive attitude! This may not be much BUT it means the world to students who are always being sent to the office for disciplinary reasons.

Students usually visit the office for negative behaviors. Don't send students down to the office for just not-so-good choices but for the great choices, students are making. However, let's send them to the office to promote positivity!

Positive office referral forms can encourage positive behavior in students. This form is simple and easy to use.

These "Happy Mail" notes allow you to praise good behavior and help students understand you will not always call on them for disciplinary issues. Also, you can reward students for good classroom behaviors. This can create a cohesive team centered on the student's positive behaviors.

Teachers can check off the positive behavior exhibited. Also, teachers and administrators can leave comments. That's my favorite part!

Reward your students by sending them to the office for the good things they’ve done. Happy Mail encourages positive behavior in all students. Small gestures can be "referred" to the administrators to help build a good rapport and positive reinforcement with your difficult students.

Along with the "Happy Mail" positive office referral, you will find four positive notes that you can use in the classroom. So, all students can be reminded of all their positive work!

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